Registration questions

How can you register?

In order to register you must access the “Register” button, located in the upper right part of the web, and fill out all the required fields. Then you accept the terms and conditions to finalize registration. If data are not correct, activation of the account will be delayed. Therefore, we recommend reviewing the entered data before finalizing registration.

For security reasons, the user will be required to validate and certify his/her data by means of a banking receipt and/or copy of his/her identity document. If at any time there is a change in data entered by the user, it must be notified as soon as possible to prevent future conflicts.

You can only open one user account. You may temporarily play with an active account after registration, but for it to be fully active you must send us a copy with the requested documentation within the maximum term of a month as from the day of your registration.

Registration standards

  • You must be of legal age to register on the portal.
  • You can only have one user account.
  • We will not allow a user name that may be offensive or immoral.
  • We recommend that you change your password in a period of less than 6 months.

You have registered, but you cannot access your account

If you are registered and you cannot access your account, after checking that all data that you have entered are correct, contact our Customer Service.

What can you do if you do not remember your password or your user name?

In the case of not remembering your password or your user name, contact Customer Service.

How can you change your profile data?

You can only change the language and the telephone number. For any other change, please contact Customer Service.

What to do if you do not remember the answer to your security question?

If you have forgotten the answer to your security question, contact Customer Service.

Is registration free?

Yes, the registration is completely free. We allow you to play for real money or with virtual money (you may only play with virtual money in Slots or Casino. Sports bets do not have the virtual money option).

Can you have more than one account on the portal?

No, we only allow an account per player. In the case of one player registering more than one account, all of them will be suspended and once the conflict is solved the only one that will be enabled will be the first registered account. If we detect that the creation of several accounts has been made fraudulently, we reserve the right to indefinitely disable any account.

How can you see the transactions of your account?

By accessing your player profile in “My transactions” section.

Can you temporarily cancel your account?

Yes. In “My profile” section, you can have the option to disable your account for the time you deem necessary.

In the case of requesting disabling of the account and wishing to enter again before the expiration of the set period, you must contact Customer Service.

Customer Service reserves the right to enable your account again before the expiration of the set period and will review your record for added safety.

Once the temporary self-exclusion period has ended, you may access all sections of our page (including games and deposits).

How can you close your account?

The condition necessary to close your account is that you do not have any balance or pending bet.

You may proceed to the final self-exclusion by contacting Customer Service.

Are your personal data safe?

Yes. We keep your information private. We will never disclose personal data of your player account and we will send information about the various promotions only to players who accepted the subscription to receive such information. You may at any time revoke your consent for treatment of your data, as well as exercise your rights of access, rectification or cancellation by contacting our customer support

Can you see the prizes in your account?

Prizes will be immediately accredited to your account balance. If the event has ended but the bet is yet not determined, you may see your pending bets in the betting record.

How do you cancel the subscription to advertising?

We will set up a box to enable receipt of advertising and promotions. Receipt of advertising will be voluntary and the user may contact Customer Service to cancel the subscription.

Why can’t I see the animations on the webpage?

In the case that you cannot correctly see the images shown, you must install Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

How can you take a screenshot or screen capture?

Occasionally, Customer Service will request a screenshot to be able to solve a conflict or doubt, and the submission of the screenshot will make the work easier. Below we explain how this must be done:

To take a screenshot or screen capture if you are in a Windows environment, you will simply have to press the "Impr Pant" key that you will find in your keyboard.

Then open the "Paint" Windows program, or any other graphic editor, or even a Word document, and paste the image there with the commands (Control + V) or the paste icon on the task bar.

After pasting the image, save the document with a title with your user name and submit it to us by e-mail along with your explanation.

In the case that you are using a computer in a Mac environment, you must press Shift + Command + 3.

Why should I register?

Registration is the previous condition to be able to use all the products offered on the page. With your registration, you open, on a free and non-binding basis, an account which you may manage your bets and personal data. You may bet with real money only when you have made a deposit to your account. Register now!

What do I need to register correctly?

It is very easy. You simply must enter your personal data in the relevant field as they appear in your identity document. Therefore, do not forget to include your second name, if you have one, and check that there are no spelling errors. When you finalize your registration, we contact the database of the Office of the Gaming Organization General Director to check that you are not in one of the lists of individuals who are banned from gaming. If your personal registration data are not as they appear in your document (even for one single letter) your name will not be found in the database, it will not be possible to check your account and you will not be able to access the

Why do I have to give my personal data when registering?

The correct indication of your data is an essential requirement to be able to make use of our offer. We need your given names and last names, as well as your current address. With your date of birth you confirm that you have reached the minimum age necessary to use the site. Through your e-mail address we will get in contact with you, for example if you have forgotten your password or if you wish to receive information in your e-mail. In addition, in this way we will inform you about our promotions. You may at any time cancel our advertising service.

What happens if I have registered wrong and my account has not been checked?

You must contact Customer Service. There they will ask for your identity document and/or any additional document that may provide with the necessary data to open the account. Once such is provided, we will enable your account.

How should my access password be?

The password must contain at least one Uppercase Letter, one lowercase letter, a number (5) and a symbol or punctuation mark (.)

What is the minimum amount of a bet?

The minimum amount per ticket will be 0.20$.

Up to when can you bet?

In all events you may bet up to before they start. In the case of an event with “live” format, you may continue betting on the same event in this section. If you place bets in the “live” market, you may bet up to minutes before the end of the event, or up to the platform closing the market. We reserve the right to close any event at the time deemed necessary.

What are live bets?

Such are the bets made during the time of performance of the sports event on which bets are placed.

What are quotations or odds? Why do they change?

The odds are the probabilities that are assigned to each result and which define the amount that must be paid to a winning bet when multiplied by the betted amount.

The odds are not fixed. They are values that keep changing depending on the amount of bets entering the system, injuries, last-minute removal of players, the weather… The lower the odds that are presented, the more options are given to the competitor in question to achieve victory.

The coefficient that is fixed at each time for a specific bet will be unique and although the odds may later change, the ones that were at the time of the bet will be maintained.

Is it possible to cancel a bet?

Once the system has confirmed your bet, it may not be cancelled. In no case may any employee or assistant cancel a bet. Therefore, we advise players to review each one of the bets that they place to avoid mistakes that may cause losses.

How can I see if my bet is a winning bet?

The player may see each one of his/her bets and the situation in which they are, in his/her Player Profile/My Transactions. If an event has ended and the balance corresponding to the winnings of the bet has not been entered yet, check your transaction record to know what situation it is in.

Simple Bets v. Combined/Multiple Bets?

Simple Bet: Such is the bet in which you only have to make a forecast of an event and if such is met you receive the price, which will be the result of multiplying the amount you have invested in the bet by the odds assigned to such event.

Combined or Multiple Bet: Such is the bet that brings the highest benefit. It consists in making two or more forecasts in one single bet (different sports may be mixed). For the bet to be considered a winning bet, all forecasts that comprise the bet must be met. If only one of such forecasts is missed, the bet is lost.

What is the maximum number of events allowed in a combined bet?

The maximum number of events allowed in a combined bet is 25.

What is a system bet?

This is a more elaborate option of the combined bet. It is that in one same bet you may select different forecasts and combine them. One of the advantages of this type of bet is that by meeting at least two selections you secure the collection of winnings.

What are system bets with banker?

A bet with banker is a combined bet in which an option selected as banker must be met in any case to win. That is, from the selections that we have made, we put the banker on the one that we consider to be more likely, which will result in that if we miss the banker we will not collect anything. The upside is that if we use the banker the odds increase and if we consider that we put the banker on the more likely option, it is a very profitable option to get benefit with bets. The banker combines with all combinations that we have placed, as follows:

Combined bet of 4 selections (A, B, C, D, E) with a banker that in our case will be A.

Possible combinations:

Combination 1: A x B x C x D

Combination 2: A x C x D x E

Combination 3: A x B x D x E

Combination 4: A x B x C x E

As we can see, the option in which there is no A is not considered. This means that if A is missed it would be 0 and as everything multiplies the bet, one would lose whenever A is 0. The interesting part is that if A is met, the benefit is higher because we have it in all combinations.

More than one banker may be selected, running the same risk and the same benefit, depending on whether one hits or misses.

Are there exceptions in bet combinations?

Combinations of bets that are related with each other, even in a minimum part, are not allowed. For example, you may not combine the local team winning and the visiting team losing. Bets related with each other will not be accepted.

When are bets collected?

We will record the correct result of the winning bet that you have made and will put the money in your account at the latest one hour after the end of the event. In some sports or minority leagues this term may be longer. In the case of live bets, the term is much shorter.

In the case of having won any bet and not receiving the amount of the prize in the set terms, check your bet record and see the status in which the bet is. If the bet is pending, it may be that our technical team is waiting for event data due to some incident that may have occurred so that the bet is to be determined. In any other case, contact Customer Service.

Why is a bet rejected?

Make sure that you have not betted more money than you have in the account.

In the case of bets during live events, we may reject a bet because, while we accept it (in around 6 seconds), a significant change has occurred (there has been a goal, a penalty, a set has been won …)

We have the right, at all times, to reject bets.

Any bet that we consider to have been placed in a fraudulent manner, for any reason (same IP, user with multiple accounts, etc.), will be cancelled.

We reserve the right to reject bets containing evident errors. In this case, the bet may be rejected regardless of it having been accepted or not.

Important: It must be taken into account that each event has a bet limit established by our analysts. Therefore, in case of exceeding it, you will get a message in your screen denying the action. To handle each case in particular it is necessary that you contact Customer Service, telephone number 5116429945.

What is accumulator bonus?

Accumulator Bonus also know as ACCA Bonus is a % of Real money calculated on NET WINNING of players tickets. The calculation according to which the award is given to user is Bonus % * Net Winnings of the bet

When can I withdraw the winnings?

Bet winnings will always be available for the customer. In the case that the money comes from promotional money, the terms and conditions of such promotion will specify the withdrawal conditions.

What is considered to be a fraudulent action?

Such is any attempt to place bets that are in a context of dubious legality or integrity of the event. In the case of identifying a practice of this sort, there could be a block not only of the bet in question but also of the gaming account.

If you have any doubt, contact us in the section "Contact Us" in the footnote of the site. We will be delighted to solve your doubts.