General Conditions

The terms and conditions are valid as of 1/1/2016.

  1. When using or any other website, application or content owned by us, it is considered that the client is under obligation to comply with (I) these general conditions, (II) our Privacy Policy, (III) our Policy on Cookies and the Rules applicable to our betting contents and other gaming products, and that he has accepted and understood all the General Conditions. 
We would appreciate that you carefully read the terms and conditions so to understand them and if you decide not to accept them, please do not use our webpage. These conditions will be applied to all our network, web as well as mobile devices. 
  1. When accessing our webpage, in gaming as well as in betting, the client accepts to comply with regulation applicable to products available on the web.
  2. Occasionally the terms and conditions may be modified, modification which will be accepted by the user the next time that he starts a session on any device through the portal, to be able to continue accessing his account.The client will be notified of the changes and if he continues using our platforms it will be considered that he has understood and accepts the modified/updated conditions and terms.
  3. When we make reference to “the client”, “you” or “yours” it will be in relation to the person using btobet services and/or any client who has registered in
  4. The user must bear in mind that the use of is only for testing purposes and may be illegal in some countries, as is the case of U.S.A., so it will be the client’s responsibility to make sure about the legislation of the territory where he resides.
  5. We will adopt all the measures necessary to provide the best possible service to the client, as well as to promote responsible gaming. Even if we take the necessary measures for the best possible service, it will not be responsible in any case if any client does not follow the responsible gaming policy and/or the measures taken for user control.
  1. Request

    1. The user must be older than 18 years of age, and must have legal capacity to register and bet. We have the right to request the pertinent documentation to evidence age, as well as the right to suspend the account until the requested documentation is received.

    2. The user must provide information in a precise and complete manner at the time of registration. We reserve the right to suspend the account and cancel any access and, therefore, any action performed with the account. The client must contact technical support to activate the account again.

    3. We have the right to send correspondence with the purpose of confirming the address. In the case of doing this, the withdrawal requests will be pending until it is confirmed that the address is correct.

    4. When accepting the terms and conditions and/or registering to use our portal, the client accepts that BtoBet will have the right to perform any and all identification, accreditation and other check controls, provided that we need them and/or such are required by applicable laws and regulations and/or by relevant regulatory authorities, for the use of BtoBet and our products in general. The client accepts to provide all the information that we may need in connection to such check controls. BtoBet will have the right to suspend or restrict your account in any manner deemed pertinent at our full discretion, up to the time of completing the check controls to our satisfaction.

    5. During registration, BtoBet reserves the right to provide client’s information to authorized credit institutions with the purpose of confirming his identity and the data in his card. The client accepts that we perform these activities with his request.

    6. The client may open only one account in BtoBet . In the case of opening several accounts, the older one will be the one considered and the others will be suspended. For any conflict you may contact client support.

    7. The client may modify data (telephone and language) of his account whenever necessary. If any other modification of his profile is required, he must contact client support.

  2. Account data

    1. In BtoBet the client may choose his user name and password. The client will be under obligation to keep his data in the more confidential manner possible and will be responsible for any activity in his account.

    2. Each bet made by the client once a session starts with his account and password will be accepted as his own and the client will be responsible for it. If he has marked the “remember password” box, it will be his own responsibility.

    3. In the case that the client should have any indication that someone has knowledge of his user name and password, it will be his responsibility to make the pertinent change of password as soon as possible.

    4. If the client gives his data to a third party, he will be fully responsible for the activity performed in his account.

    5. The balance and record may be consulted at any time through our web.

  3. Personal data

We will abide by the regulation on personal data treatment that is in force in Curaçao, the Act on Protection of Personal Data of 2013, in relation to personal information provided by clients. Such personal information will be processed according to our Privacy Policy.

  1. Suspension and closing
    1. If the client wants to close his BtoBet account, he must contact client support in the case that he has an outstanding balance with BtoBet .
    2. BtoBet reserves the right to close or suspend a client account at any time and for any reason. Without prejudice to the foregoing, BtoBet will have the right to close or suspend a client account if: 
      • The client goes bankrupt.
      • BtoBet considers that the client uses BtoBet in a fraudulent manner or with illegal and/or inappropriate purposes. 
      • BtoBet considers that the client has deliberately cheated or has unfairly taken advantage of BtoBet or any of its clients, or in case of his account being used to benefit third parties.
      • The police, the tribunal or any regulatory authority requires it from BtoBet.
      • BtoBet considers that any of the elements mentioned in the foregoing items (a) to (c) have occurred or may occur.
      • The client account is considered inactive and the balance is or becomes zero as provided in paragraph B.5.1 below. 
    3. In the case that BtoBet should close or suspend a client account due to the reasons mentioned above in items (a) to (e), the client will be responsible for any claims, losses, liabilities, costs and expenses incurred or suffered by BtoBet (in a word, "Claims"), so that he must indemnify BtoBet for such acknowledgments. In relation to circumstances noted above in items (a) to (e), BtoBet will also have the right to withhold any and/or all amounts that would otherwise be granted to the client (including any winnings or bonus payment).
    4. Any limitation that you establish in your account may not revoked for the next 7 days.
  2. Inactive accounts
    1. BtoBetwill apply a maintenance fee to all inactive accounts after a minimum period of 365 days according to the following procedure: an account is considered to be inactive whenever the following actions are not performed with respect thereto: (I) a satisfactory access; (II) a Sports or Virtual bet; or (III) participation in any game with real money of the Casino, Live Casino or Slots products. If a client account has no activity for a period of 365 days, it will be considered inactive, and if the balance of such account is zero, we will suspend the account and no fee will be applied. 
      • In case of considering an account to be inactive, with it having a positive balance, BtoBetwill take appropriate measures to give notice to the client by means of the data provided when the account was registered or the updated data. 
      • If the account remains inactive for 28 days after the first attempt of BtoBet of notifying the client that his account is inactive, BtoBet will deduct a 5$ monthly maintenance fee from the balance of the account.
      • The maintenance fee that is calculated according to section (c) above will be deducted from the balance of the client account after 28 days of the notification period mentioned above, and every 28 days from that time such fee will be applied up to: (I) the balance of the account becoming zero and no fee deduction being possible, so that the account will be suspended; or (II) reactivation of the account by the client, in which case no more maintenance fees will deducted. 
    2. The client may reactivate his account by contacting BtoBet client support.
  1. Income and bets
    1. To make a bet, the client must have credit available in his account. For this he must make a deposit through any of the various methods that BtoBet has available.
    2. When depositing funds to his account, the client accepts and we accept to keep them, along with any winnings, with the sole purpose of using them to (I) make sports bets and bets in other gaming products; and (II) determine any commission or collection that you may incur in relation to our services. We reserve the right to suspend or close the client account in the case of considering or having reasons to believe that the client deposits money to his account without the intention to make sports bets and/or bets in any other gaming products. In these circumstances, we will also inform the relevant authorities about it.
    3. For the methods of payment that require a specific account holder, funds must be deposited to your gaming account only from an account of which you are the holder. In the cases in which BtoBet identifies that the account holder differs from the one appearing in BtoBet files, we reserve the right to treat any deposit to the gaming account as invalid (and any winnings arising from such deposit as null).
    4. The client accepts that we have the right to withhold any interest generated by the money that the client has in his BtoBet account.
    5. No BtoBet employee has the power to grant credit. Besides, all bets must be backed by sufficient funds in client accounts. 
    6. Unless specified to the contrary, all examples published on BtoBet will be in dollars of the United States. 
    7. Once selected, the currency will be permanent.
    8. The client may only use our currency exchange service with the purpose of placing bets or playing through the BtoBet page. If BtoBet considers that a client uses this service for any purpose other than the one authorized, BtoBet will have the right to close or suspend the account of such client, and in turn the client must:
      • Be liable for any damage caused.
      • Indemnify BtoBet for such damages.
    9. BtoBet reserves the right to withhold any amount won by a client in an unauthorized manner.
  2. Withdrawals
    1. Withdrawals will be made in the name of the account holder and always to the account from where income was made. In the case that the deposit method used should not have a withdrawal method, withdrawal will be made by a used method affording such possibility or by bank transfer. BtoBet reserves the right to change its selected withdrawal method for the method with which the larger amount has been deposited. 
    2. For the majority of types of payment, withdrawals can be made by clicking on “Withdraw funds” on BtoBet, provided that there are sufficient funds in your account. The maximum established amount is 3000$ per day and a maximum of 1000$ per withdrawal.
    3. Funds may be withdrawn from BtoBet only when the client has used in gaming on BtoBet at least 80% of the funds deposited to the account. 
    4. If the client decides to withdraw all the deposited funds before having played, BtoBet reserves the right to deduct the amount of the cost incurred by BtoBet for deposit to and withdrawal from the user account.
    5. If the deposit comes from a virtual wallet or a credit/debit card, BtoBet reserves the right to request verification in both cases at the time or withdrawal. 
    6. It will be the client’s responsibility to present his winnings and losses to the relevant authorities according to their jurisdiction, as provided by law.
  1. Making bets
    1. The client assumes all the risk of his bets. BtoBet reserves the right to reject any requested bet.
    2. Only bets made through the internet, the web or mobile device will be accepted. 
    3. Once the bet is closed it may not be modified. Therefore, it is the client’s responsibility to review his bets before closing them.
    4. BtoBet reserves the right to cancel a bet at any time.
  2. Bet confirmation
    1. Bets will not be accepted if the client does not have balance in his account. 
    2. One single bet with all the funds deposited to the account may not be made. 
    3. Bets will be valid when received by BtoBet servers, so they will emit a bet code. If the client has any doubt about the bet having been successfully made, he may consult the record where it will appear.
    4. If there is no agreement between the client and BtoBet, they both accept to resort to what the database shows.
  3. Offers
    1. All offers are limited to one per person, family, residence address, e-mail address or telephone number, the same account number of the method of payment, Neteller o Skrill linked account, mobile device, downloadable application or any circumstance in which a computer is susceptible to be shared.
    2. If BtoBet detects actions infringing item 3.1, BtoBet reserves the right to request all pertinent data of the related accounts and take the actions deemed appropriate.
    3. Bets containing selections with odds of less than 1.50 will not count for rollover requirements. All BtoBet offers are thought for recreational use of our clients and BtoBet reserves the right, at its entire discretion, to limit the participation of a client in any promotion in part or in whole.
    4. BtoBet may stop offering bonuses or promotions at any time deemed appropriate.
  4. Determined bets and winnings
    1. Clauses of bets that BtoBet covers are in appendix 2.
    2. BtoBet reserves the right to suspend or cease a market and/or cancel a bet at any time. When a bet is suspended, the bets made will be rejected. 
    3. If a multiple bet is made and one of the bets is cancelled, winnings of the rest of bets made will be calculated.
    4. In the case of a client including a “non-participating” or null selection in a multiple or combined bet, the bet will be determined with the remaining selections.
    5. All winnings obtained will be deposited to the client’s betting account. Funds/winnings mistakenly accredited to an account may not be used. Besides, BtoBet reserves the right to annul any transaction related to such funds and/or withdraw the amount in question from the account and/or reverse the transaction, at that time or retrospectively.
    6. BtoBet reserves the right to withhold the relevant payments if there are indications of fraud, alteration of the odds, a rigged result or any other cause that BtoBet considers to have altered the result.
    7. If the client makes several bets in the same section, BtoBet reserves the right to declare them null.
    8. If there is any time error in BtoBet with respect to any event and bets are placed on actions that have already occurred, BtoBet reserves the right to declare the bets null whether they are winning or losing bets.
    9. BtoBet reserves the right to declare null any bets that are been made with the intention of fraud.
  1. Bonuses
    1. The client can receive one free bet if he placed a bet with amount of 1 eur or higher
    2. The free bet does not have wagering conditions that need to be fulfilled
  1. Information and content
    1. All the content found on BtoBet will be for personal use. Its distribution is not allowed. The content is not to guide or advise the user. It is simply information and any decision made based on such information will be at the risk of the client.
  2. Your equipment
    1. BtoBet will not be responsible for any setback because of your equipment. BtoBet will notify the minimum requirements. The conditions of the equipment and the connection are responsibility of the user.
    2. BtoBet will not be responsible for any loss of information that the user may have in any device.
    3. If you have any technical problem, contact client support to prevent problems in the long term. In any case, the problems to use any device will be the responsibility of the client.
  3. Reasonable use
    1. BtoBet will only be used to make bets on events and/or other gaming products.
    2. BtoBet reserves the right to take legal actions if he detects that the client is making illegal use of its platforms.
  4. Technical and software problems
    1. It is possible that the client may need to download software to use some applications. If you do not accept the terms of use, do not use the software. BtoBet assumes no responsibility in relation to software of third parties.
    2. You may only use the software available through BtoBet with the purpose of using the products offered therein and within the scope allowed by current regulation.
    3. BtoBet is exempted of any problem caused by the software, of it not satisfying the client or of any error produced in relation thereto.
    4. BtoBet reserves the right to take legal actions in the case of any distribution or misuse of the software.
  5. Third-party contents 
    1. BtoBet receives contents of third parties, so it assumes no responsibility for errors, comments or channels of providers. 
    2. Third-party contents will be used by BtoBet for informative purposes.
    3. BtoBet will do whatever is possible to maintain third-party contents according to standards determined by the BtoBet team.
  6. Errors

BtoBet reserves the right to declare any bet null whenever errors such as incorrect odds, incorrect number/handicap/lines/total, closed bets with incorrect amounts, incorrect event, incorrect market or obvious errors are detected. BtoBet also reserves the right to make the pertinent determination each time an error is detected, and may determine the solution deemed convenient without such being precedent for future occasions. 

  1. Other
    1. BtoBet reserves the right to block any activity with indication of being fraudulent or because of the use of computer applications or robots.
    2. BtoBet reserves the right to restrict access of all or certain parts of BtoBet in relation to certain jurisdictions.
    3. BtoBet may change or modify products offered through BtoBet at any time and for any reason.
    4. BtoBet informs that because of maintenance BtoBet may occasionally be unavailable. In case of any doubt, contact client support.
  1. BtoBet will be exempted of responsibility for possible damages, losses or liability presumably caused by or in relation to BtoBet or its content.
  2. BtoBet makes everything possible to make sure that information on BtoBet is correct. Notwithstanding, BtoBet does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the material on BtoBet. BtoBet may contain typographical errors or other inaccuracies, or outdated information. BtoBet will have no obligation to update such information. Material on BtoBet is provided without any condition, warranty or terms of any type. Therefore, in accordance with that is established by law, BtoBet offers BtoBet excluding any representation, explicit or implicit warranty, term or condition which, without these general conditions, would have an effect in relation to BtoBet.
  3. The total liability of BtoBet in relation to the user or in connection with these General Conditions will not exceed:
    1. the amount of bets made through your account with respect to the bet or product in question that gave rise to the relevant liability; and
    2. the applicable amount of money, when such amount has been mistakenly placed by us.
  4. Unless these General Conditions establish the contrary, BtoBet is exempted of contractual and noncontractual liability (including negligence) or for infringing statutory duties or any other manner (directly or indirectly produced) of:
    1. loss of benefits,
    2. loss of businesses,
    3. loss of income,
    4. loss of opportunities,
    5. loss of information,
    6. loss of goodwill or reputation,
    7. any special, indirect or consequential loss,
regardless of such losses being covered by the parties at the date of these general conditions.
  1. Nothing in this section F will limit the liability of BtoBet to pay the client his winnings or other amounts related thereto. It will always be subject to the conditions included here and the maximum winnings of products in “Appendix Two” in these general conditions.
  2. Nothing in these general conditions will exclude or limit the liability of BtoBet in case of: 
    1. death of injuries caused because of negligence of BtoBet;
    2. fraud or fraudulent representation;
    3. any liability that may not be excluded or limited according to current regulation.
  1. BtoBet contents are under the protection of copyright laws and other intellectual property rights. BtoBet or its providers are in charge of these rights.
  2. All BtoBet contents are property of BtoBet. Nobody may use them with purposes other than making bets. 
  3. BtoBet forbids any commercial use of all its content. In the case that BtoBet should detect any misuse of its content, it reserves the right to take the legal actions deemed appropriate.
  4. If a function is used allowing transferring material to BtoBet, such material will be considered to be non-confidential and non-proprietary. Notwithstanding, BtoBet reserves the right to use such material as deemed appropriate remaining exempted of any liability.
  1. These General Conditions, the Privacy Policy, the Policy on Cookies, the Rules and any document expressly mentioned therein and any guide or standard appearing on BtoBet, constitute the integrity of the agreement between the interested parties and substitute any former agreement between them, in relation to the subject matter treated in these general conditions. The client recognizes and accepts that, when taking part in these General Conditions, Privacy Policy, Policy on Cookies, Rules and any other document expressly mentioned therein and any guide of standard appearing on BtoBet. Nothing in this clause may exclude or limit any responsibility for fraud or fraudulent representations.
  2. In the case that a tribunal should determine that part of the content accepted by both parties is not competent, such will not affect the rest of the standards collected in this document.
  3. BtoBet will not be liable for any delay suffered by the client.
  4. In the case that the client should require to contact BtoBet for any term or condition, he must contact client support. Such support will provide the guidelines to follow to process the case. In any case, the language used to contact us must be Spanish or English. BtoBet does not guarantee that the case will be processed if a consultation is received in other language.
  5. BtoBet is operational 24 hours. Notwithstanding, client support hours comply with the schedule established on the web. Client support will process all information and consultations received as soon possible. BtoBet is not liable for the delay in any answer of client support.
  6. BtoBet will not infringe these conditions. Notwithstanding, it reserves the right to apply them.
  7. BtoBet may transfer these conditions to third parties when granting a sublicense to manage BtoBet content.
  8. The client accepts all legislative content contained in BtoBet, the privacy policy, the policy on cookies, as well as the rules or any legislation contained in any BtoBet platform.
  9. In the case of a discrepancy existing between what is established in this gaming contract and the particular rules of the games, what is contained in the latter will prevail with respect to each particular game.
  1. In the case of claim or conflict arising from a current or past transaction, contact client support.
  2. The determination of bets for sports will be determined by official bodies. 
  3. Subject to section B.3.1 above, these terms and conditions and any claim or conflict arising from or in connection to the same, whether of a contractual or noncontractual nature, will be regulated and construed in compliance with the laws in effect in Curaçao.

Available currency options in BtoBet

You may operate in BtoBet with the following currencies:

Peruvian Sol (PEN)

Brazilian Reals (BRL)

Euros (EUR)

Dollars of the United States (USD)

Colombian Peso (COP)

It is possible to apply restrictions depending on your country of residence and/or selected method of payment.

Coverage of bets


North American Sports

We accept bets for all North American sports such as American football, baseball, basketball, hockey on ice, golf, Nascar, CFL, etc.

Horse races

We admit bets in horse races regulated by the rules of the Jockey Club (United Kingdom), Irish Turf Club (Ireland) or Australia and New Zealand covered by an Australasian TAB.

Greyhound races

Bets for all greyhound races will be accepted, as well as for any other event appearing on our webpage.

Bets on sports and special events


  1. Maximum bets and winnings are shown in dollars as the base currency to ensure consistency throughout the world, although equivalent currencies will be applied for payments.
  2. The minimum bet is 0.20 American dollars. The minimum amount that is allowed to bet is 0.20 dollars (in system bets this amount may be lower provided that multiplying the amount played by the bets included in the multiple the minimum required 0.20 dollars are reached).
  3. The maximum bet depends in each case on the type of event and the sport. The maximum amount that BtoBet allows to bet is defined by the same BtoBet entity, and depends on the event and the sport, and may be modified without prior notice. BtoBet reserves the right to limit the maximum bet in certain events, as well as to change the limits for certain clients without prior notice.
  4. The maximum winning per client per ticket is 10,000 American dollars. The maximum withdrawal per day is 3,000 dollars with a maximum of 1,000 dollars per withdrawal. The day is considered in GTM time.